Can I remove some of the "add new item" buttons?

I don’t want people to be able to add to the list using the Amazon, place, or profile buttons. I have a list embedded on my website.

No, not at the moment.

Amazon, place and the profile buttons are more to give users an idea on the type of links they can add. The users could add the same using the link option as well…

If you want to disable contribution from others, you can turn off the “Allow users to add items” off in the list setting.

Also moderation is turned on by default. When others add, it goes into the queue and you can moderate the contributed items to the list.

Here’s a link to all the settings options:

Ok thanks. Can people add to the list if they have not signed up for listly? Is there a way to allow them too?

No, currently only people who are signed up can add to the list.

We have anonymous voting for our Premium users (where they don’t need to login to be able to vote).