Several problems


I’m having several problems working with and wordpress and sometimes with alone.

I try with different browsers and no adblock or similar software:

  • Some times when I enter in from Explorer I get an login error. I enter the site, buy I get an error and say “has been reported”

  • Some times when I access a list, I only see the list. No edit, header … I need to open several time the list in order to have all the list features availables.

  • Either in wordpress or using the site sometimes I can use vote up/down feature. I click but nothing happends.

Any idea?


Yes, we’ve been noticing this last week from our own exception reporting. Listly’s been getting pretty popular with a lot of new organic traffic. This has prompted an increase in lots of bots and scrapers hitting our servers. These attacks have happened in 5-10 minute spurts affecting server performance.

We have put a lot of controls in place starting this afternoon to identify and block these bots as well as throttle any future bots automatically.

We are monitoring performance and will report on this thread over the next few days until we get through this.

Thanks for the information. The vote up/down feature is affected to?

Yes, when you hit the vote up/down, it creates a request to Listly which should return a response in specified amount of time. If that response fails, that feature would not work.