Shortcodes don't work


Hi, I have just installed Listly plugin on my site and made my first list on the Listly site. When I generated the shortcodes and put them on my wordpress site, nothing happened - the shortcodes appear as text on my site. Can you help?

I tried all the shortcodes (but with just one it didn’t work either). They are under the “videos” heading on the “distract me” page. At the bottom of the page is a links list I made myself using another app, but Listly seems a much better way to do it, if only it would work!


Hi @admin-139,

Looks like the short codes are not posted correctly in your post. If you see the image below that’s on your page as viewed by Chrome’s developer console:

The whole short code is quoted and there are extraneous characters in between such as “& nbsp;”. The type of quotes around values are incorrect as well.

Here’s how it should look if you insert it correctly:

[listly id="2aO7" layout="full" per_page="25" show_list_headline="false" show_list_badges="false" show_list_stats="false" show_author="false" show_list_description="false" show_list_tools="false" show_item_tabs="false" show_item_timestamp="false"]

There’s also a chance your theme is interfering with shortcodes. See all the reasons in this article: