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Polished diamonds are indeed beautiful, but in the eyes of a layman, a consumer, every diamond appears almost alike. Clients in fact seem to find difficulty in identifying a false diamond from a real one. But, for those who are well-versed with the knowledge of diamonds, they can closely look at each piece and identify the real ones. Every real polished diamond has unique birthmarks like internal inclusions and external flaws. The internal inclusions come about from the formation process of the diamond deep inside the earth; and the external flaws are as a result of the cutting and polishing methods implemented during the manufacturing stage. However, these marks are generally very minute, thus escaping the eyes of a layman. But, experts can see them with the help of imaging tools that magnify them. This is why clients generally have to blindly trust the manufacturer or supplier of the diamond – whether he is cheated or gets a genuine diamond is his luck. This is the reason why the diamond industry is full of lack of trust and exploitation, all of which has hampered consumer confidence. But, when you walk into Aura Jewels, you can rest assured that you will always get only the best and genuine GIA Grading Report diamonds at this reputed and authorized customized diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore.

What reports should you check before buying a diamond?

Every polished diamond that you see in stores comes from a rough diamond extruded from the earth; and remember, no two rough diamonds can ever be identical! Every diamond’s journey from the mine to the selling counter is different. You must thus go through a diamond’s report before buying that display’s the diamond’s transformation from rough to polished, exactly as it occurred. It should also inform about every inclusion and feature of the diamond. With all such information about its transformation, manufacturing, inclusions, features, appearance, and grading, customers become familiar with the diamond’s unique characteristics and journey. All this information helps them make informed decisions as to whether they should buy the diamond or not.

Understanding diamonds with technology

Technology has become a very crucial element of the buying experience for consumers. For every big and small purchase, people get online on their smartphones and computers to understand the properties and compare prices so that they can make the best buy. Same goes for diamonds too. You must go through an interactive, immersive, virtual experience to understand the diamond well before buying.

Why opt for GIA Grading Report diamonds?

A GIA Grading Report is an assurance that proves a diamond to be natural and genuine. It confirms that there is no treatment done to enhance the colour or clarity of the diamond. With a GIA Grading Report, you can have expert analysis of everything regarding a diamond, such as colour, cut, clarity, and weight. It also shows a diamond’s inclusions and clarity characteristics. It also contains security features like a hologram, security screen, and microprint lines that prevent it from being forged or duplicated. This is why GIA Grading Report diamonds have amazing credibility in the market.