5 Major WordPress Trends That Are Ruling in 2022

WordPress is a web powerhouse that has been a big part of the internet since 2005. Be it simple blogs to complete-length websites, and it powers over 30% of all sites worldwide.

As for the latest trend is concerned, WordPress constantly evolves & updates the latest technologies to make the task easier & make your website more robust.

What To Expect in 2022?

As an enterprise, you need to adapt to the latest trends & techniques to keep pace with the growing competition.
In this brief overview, we will look at a few web development trends of WordPress that will rule
throughout 2022.

(1) Improved Accessibility-

• Designing a website is crucial, but the users who visit them also matter a lot.
• Many developers are aware of this simple fact & have introduced the latest features.
• WordPress is one key platform having features like color contrast & font size to allow users with visual impairment to enjoy their site.
• It is the way to go in 2022, as it lets you build a particular website that is not only engaging but very much user-friendly.
• As far as accessibility is concerned, WordPress has made it easy for all developers to contribute to this cause by introducing additional guidelines.
• Such advantages make it a necessity for you to have a WordPress website.

(2) Augmented Reality-

Augmented reality is the blend of augmentation & virtual reality. Here you can alter any space with digital objects.
The advanced technology adds a string of computer-generated images over real-world photos to improve the online presence.
In the coming years, augmented reality will become a necessity for big & small enterprises using portfolio websites.
With WordPress, it will be straightforward to design a website that is VR/AR ready. You can create a 2D or 3D map for the viewers to explore the site from different angles.
If you are ready to create a website that puts you ahead of the competition, use AR/VR techniques to create a virtual store where customers can see the product without touching it.

(3) AI Enhanced Websites-

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword in the past few years & currently, it helps in many areas to boost productivity.
WordPress is no exception; it already has the best support for AI since it will help you create a
personalized content that sounds just like you.

(4) Voice Search-

It is one trend that has been gaining momentum over the years. If you have a website, adding voice search makes sense.
Since individuals are more comfortable using this feature on their mobile, it is pretty popular nowadays.
With WordPress, you can easily integrate voice search with Google Assistant or Alexa.

(5) Lazy Loading & Infinite Scrolling-

Lazy loading & infinite scrolling offers a better user experience as they increase the website’s loading speed.
They do this only by loading all the contents that are to be loaded. WordPress also has a lazy-loading plug-in that decreases the website’s initial load time.
If you need only a few images on the home page, it will remove all the unnecessary scripts & styles to improve the browsing experience.
Most social media sites have been using this technology. By 2022, many business websites will adopt this particular trend to leverage its advantages.


WordPress has evolved considerably in the past few years. It is currently making things more straightforward than ever to build responsive & multipurpose websites.
It can do without the need for any coding. If you are willing to stay ahead, the best course of action is to opt for WordPress as your CMS.

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If you have a business and want to grow your business online then you need a website. WordPress is a best platform for build a website. it has been working on a Full Site Editing as a parts of its Gutenberg project roadmap. WordPress provides a best services and improve website’s functionality and performance. Five major WordPress Trends are-

  • Multipurpose Themes
  • VR Optimized WordPress Themes
  • Module Based Themes
  • One Click Import
  • Increase In ecommerce functionality
    These are the relevant trends in WordPress in 2022. WordPress Plugins

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