Assigning Premium OR Regular Status To Lists Possibility?

In the introduction to, it says that if you’re on the free version “Your first 3 lists are premium style”.
Is there a way to assign premium status instead of just “it’s always the first 3”?

I have one list already. I really love it, how easy it was to make & how it looks.
But, now I am afraid to add another list, thus using up my premium stars. What if I make a 4th list and I like it better? I don’t want to have to erase list #3 just for that 4th to have a premium star.

Could this feature be changed to:
IF you are on free THEN you can have 3 premium lists BUT you must assign which ones you want to be premium? That way, if you changed your mind later, you could switch which list/s was premium.

Or, is there a way to make a list that is NOT premium star, even if it is one of your first lists? Not that I am setting out to make sub-par lists or anything, I just would like to have the option of what type it is so as not to use up precious slots of premium–only to come up with some fabulous unexpected idea later.

I didn’t see anything about this premium assigning vs regular anywhere else, so any help with this feature is much appreciated.

Thanks for the kind words. It’s great to get feedback such as this.

We offer three premium lists as a form of trial to test out Listly. Our goal is to help convince people like you to go premium :grinning: and get unlimited premium lists. This would help us continue to make Listly better.

We do have coupons on and off that reduce the price of a yearly subscription by 20-30% if you are interested. Please send an email to support @ to get a coupon.