Best Live Streaming Software For Pc (Windows 7)

The video streaming process is slightly different than streaming gaming so a different set of tools is required for these tasks. The fact is, that any video streaming software can be used for game streaming, but not all streaming software can be used for live streaming needs.

Keep in mind that tools used for live streaming needs are generally very expensive and can accommodate more features than gaming software.

Currently, the market is flooded with so many tools that can work for your live video streaming needs. Some are better for professionals and others are useful for beginners. The price range also varies fairly.

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Best Live Streaming Software for Pc

  1. Wirecast:
  2. XSplit Broadcast:
  3. UStream Producer:
  4. VMix:
  5. Magix YouCast:
  6. BroadCam Video Streaming Software:
  7. OBS:

Best Live Streaming Software for Pc

1. Wirecast:

Wirecast will help you share any content from your desktop and create an interactive relationship between your creations and your audience. It can record videos from unlimited devices such as computer desktops, iOS cameras, web feed and camera feed, etc.

Users can easily customize their broadcasts using effects, transitions, animated titles, and live switching options. Offers multi-format encoding capabilities for live streaming and CDN.

Wirecast is widely used for various applications such as gaming, education, news, sports, live events, and entertainment as well as in churches. You can start with the free version of Wirecast or upgrade to the paid version from the online store.

2. XSplit Broadcast:

It is a powerful yet interactive video recording and live streaming tool that has a feature-rich platform. XSplit provides an easy way for all players to start broadcasting from their game console directly and PC connectivity can be used for streaming applications.

You will be able to use two applications even if you pay for one license only. This platform extends support to all types of capture cards and can offer many professional production features.

It offers custom plugins and useful integrations, making the uploading and editing process much easier during the live streaming process. Users will also be able to receive chat notifications from this platform.

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vMix, one of the best streaming software options, is a highly powerful encoder developed by Studio Coast. The latest version of the Windows specific software is designed for this purpose.

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