Bug issues on my list

Top Songs Of 2021

My aforementioned list is full of bug issues.

  1. The items are ranked in descending order for no reason at all.
  2. All the items have a “FEATURED” label above their title, again for no reason.
  3. When I tried to access my list settings to see what the problem is, I noticed another problem that is I cannot edit my list settings. The loading animation just circles on a loop without landing on any page.
  4. The list was in private mode, but now I can’t even switch it to public because my list settings button is not loading correctly as mentioned above. So I’m not sure how the mods can work on the list considering it’s only viewable to myself.

Would be very helpful if any mods can look into my list and see what the problem is. Thank you.

We are looking into this…

@joel-3 it looks like you did stumble upon a bug on Listly. An item on your list that was featured was removed from the list and it put the list in a bad state. We fixed your list and it’s working. We will also fix the bug that caused the issue in the first place. Until then, if you plan to delete a featured item in a list, first remove it as the featured item and then remove it from the list