Can the free version of site be indexed


Hello there, just wondering if I only have the free version of can the pages be indexed by google or do you block them some how and only the paid version lists are indexed.
Many Thanks

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Yes, the lists you make with the free account can get indexed, but we do have a quality threshold for lists before we open the list up for search engines to index. This article should give you an idea of how we rank and feed search engines.


Ok but what about ones I made many moons ago that did rank but do not now have you been able to block them some how?


About a year ago, we were not ranking lists. They were available for search engines to index freely. As Listly got popular, we saw a lot of spam and thin content on many of the lists. To protect the service from losing out in SEO ranking, we implemented author and list rank so we can filter out poor content more effectively.

Taking a quick look at your lists, I can see that they are ranked fairly well, but don’t make the cut by a few points. If you can your profile upgraded (more linked accounts), more followers (for yourself and your lists) on Listly, you should be good to go.


I have created my free list and after I am done with the addition of the list items. I get the message on my main list hone as - Your list score is 16 and you need minimum of 20 to crawl by the Search engines. How can i improve my score. PLz suggest my list is


yes sure you need to complete your profile and maintain properly.
Make a list and try to make it popular share it with your friends,
get followers, likes, shares.
Try to increase your List rank and wait.
You need at least 20 score to be indexed with free account.


Yeah, ultimately, that seems like a fair enough way to go about things, so I’ll say well done.