List Rank, Trending Lists and Google SEO


Listly ranks each list that users make according to certain quality indicators. It’s called the List Rank and lists that pass a certain quality threshold will be:

  1. Included in Google indexing. (Low List Rank lists will be blocked from being indexed)
  2. Shared on Listly site on trending pages and related lists
  3. Shared via daily Listly newsletter to more than a 250,000 subscribers
  4. Shared via Listly social channels on Facebook and Twitter

Your list rank appears on the sidebar next to your list. Here are a few tips to score a high list rank for your lists:

  1. Make lists that others will find useful, with at least 5-6 well-researched items. Don’t make self-serving lists only to get backlinks.

  2. Create an eye-catching title for your list. Learn How.

  3. Write a good description for your list. Learn How.

  4. Make your list visual by adding a headline image. Learn How.

  5. Invite friends (via social share buttons and via email) to contribute to your lists. Collaborative lists rank higher than single person lists. Learn How.

  6. Improve your social profile on Listly by connecting multiple social accounts. Learn How.

Can the free version of site be indexed
How to get boost on
Need idea to improve my listly ranking

How do I know what my list rank is and whether it’s being indexed? Thanks.


As of a release today, you should see the list rank on the list page. Click on the list rank to get tips on how to improve list rank for your list.


Any other new tips to improve rank since this article has been released?


If you click on the rank widget at the top of your list, you will see tips for improving your list rank


The list rank and tips are now displayed on the sidebar on your list page on Listly.


How to up the rank fastest ? And how soon will the rank increase? (Sorry about my English )


@Standa just follow the tips that is shown next to your list and improve your list. We automatically evaluate lists that are updated and calculate the rank.


Hey !
Howlong can take to up the rank of my list ?


just follow the tips that is shown next to your list and improve your list. When you improve the list based on the tips, your ranking will improve automatically.