How to Write a Good Description


Your list description is a brief, but important part of your list. It is the introduction.

You’ll want to give at least one sentence explaining the purpose of your list. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just enough to give your reader an idea and peak their interest.

Finding your audience is a great way to get views. Think about who will find your list useful and add that to your description.

This description discusses “big business” and social media which gives readers an idea of what they can expect. It is clear enough for someone looking for these specific topics to know they have found the right list, but it is also open enough to engage other audiences.

Listly is about great lists, community, and social networking. Asking people for help with list additions and ranking will boost your views. Collaboration feels great and gets the word out!

This is short and inviting.

Have fun with your descriptions!

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