Cannot edit or add to lists - timing out

Hi I am having problems - is the service down?

Hi @heather-girlgonemom, are you continuing to have issues? There might have been an issue with our host database earlier today but it was resolved pretty quickly…

Yes. I am still having the same problem. I can’t even edit. Times out when trying to save.

Can you please post the link to the list you have the issue with? We will try to recreate the issue by editing it.

Yes -

Hi @heather-girlgonemom It looks like we can “edit” the list (pencil icon to change the list title and settings). Are you having trouble adding a specific item to that list? I see from your screenshot that you’ve added an image. Did you add the image from the web or uploaded an image from your computer? If the image is from the web, can you please post the URL? If you are uploading an image, can you post the name of the file? Sometime the name of the file might have some special characters that might break the upload when adding items…

I am trying to edit one to add a hyperlink and it gets hung up. Also cannot add another item.

specifically this link

ok, we are able to reproduce the issue. It looks like we have a bug when you add links to the item description. If the link description looks like a URL (.com etc), the item fails to save. Please use the workaround until we fix the issue.

@heather-girlgonemom this bug has been fixed. You should be able to add the URL for sites like without any issues in item descriptions.