Can't change avatar

Hi there,
I keep trying to change my avatar profile, but when I click on the “Upload” button in the Profile Settings, it doesn’t do anything (no pop-up to my computer files appears).
Is this fixable?
Thanks very much for letting me know!

Taryn, it seems to work fine on some of our browsers we use to test. What browser/OS do you use? Maybe we can try to reproduce the issue you have.

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I’m using Mozilla Firefox on a Windows machine. I also tried it through the default Microsoft Edge browser, but the same thing happened (i.e. when I click on the Upload button, nothing happens). I don’t have the Chrome browser installed.

It was working fine in Chrome and Safari browsers but there was a bug that prevented it from working on Edge and Firefox browsers.

This is fixed now. Please try it out and let us know if we can close this issue.

Yes, it works now! The problem is fixed and you can close the issue. Thank you!

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Can’t update the avatar/profile picture (on Chrome), keeps saying: The change you wanted was rejected.

You may have tried something you don’t have access to.

This is a usability issue that we are planning to fix. When you upload a new avatar, there is a “save” button right next to the avatar (next to zoom/fit buttons) that you should hit to save the avatar.