Changing Avatar signs me out and makes password change


I’ve tried several times to change my Avatar. (The picture in a circle.) Every time I click save, it signs me out of Here is the message that it gives me…

“The change you wanted was rejected.”

“You may have tried something you don’t have access to.”

Then, I try to sign back on, and it says “Invalid email or password”.

I have the premium subscription.

I’ve had to change my password several times. What can I do?


When you upload your new avatar, use the zoom/resize button to adjust the avatar and hit done. No need to hit save at the bottom of the page


I tried that too and it won’t work :confused:


@SrayzieQ we are trying to reproduce this issue, but haven’t been able to do it yet. Can you share your browser type, version, and the OS you are using?