Cookies and GDPR compliance - received complaint

Hello, I am a long-time paying customer and love using the platform. However, I got a compliant on my website that, despite my OneTrust cookied consent tool, puts cookies on the computer on the visitor, even if he turns off all cookies. What can I do? I would hate to have to remove from my blog as it would lose all value. Thank you.

We are looking into this as part of GDPR changes. Stay tuned…

OK, thanks. Ideal would be option to have no cookie fired in embed for those who want very simple embed I think (real list, no social sharing) or to not fire cookies after tools such as OneTrust Consent Manager used (as on our site) but so many of those… Anyway, thanks, just thinking out loud.

And you’re not alone. Same goes for SlideShare, Twitter embeds, you name it. Mailing them all but of course they won’t reply :wink:

Sorry, one more tip: when adding sites their cookies sometimes are added too. E.g. had a cookie from McKinsey installed because added a McKinsey page to a list. Deleted it from the list. And now shut up, just trying to give info I see in case it serves.

Hello, next week the GDPR becomes applicable. Do you have a way to embed lists without cookies being installed (even if that means less counted views and no social engagement but just lists)? Thanks.

Yes, we are implementing a consent manager and reducing / documenting cookies we use. We are also implementing a “optout” where no cookie drop will be done, but users won’t be able to sign in or engage with the list. You can document Listly in your privacy policy and provide your audience a link to Listly to go consent/optout.

More details over the weekend…

Great, the “optout” feature is for builders when embedding? Then that is perfect. And, indeed, we can always send links to the lists where the social engagement can happen, when summing up the cookies in the cookie policy or simply linking to’s. Consent manager curious as most already have overall consent manager but eager to see over the weekend!! Thanks a lot.

Hi Timothy, am finalizing my list of tools I can keep using and my cookie consent manager. Any news? If you have a Google Tag Manager solution fine too. Thx.

@i-SCOOP tomorrow we are releasing our privacy policy, cookie policy and list all the cookies. The initial cookie consent will just be a notification with a link to our cookie policy. We believe that this is consistent with GDPR requirements and should be sufficient for May 25th.

We have made progress towards allow users to opt out of cookies, but not quite there yet in terms of releasing it. We are continuing to work on it though and plan to release it over the next couple of weeks.

Your best bet would be to link to our privacy / cookie policy from yours. We are doing the same for some of the technologies we include on our site.