Create checklist

Good morning!
I would like to create movie lists where people can track what has already seen and what is still to see.
So, when one user sees my list, he should be able to push a button that says “Yes, I’ve seen it” and this information should be visibile only to him.
It could be great also to have a progress bar that says to the user…you’ve seen the 55% of the items in this list.
Of course this feature can be used for anything.
What do you think?

It’s an idea that we’ve thought about in the past. Except that a list can be a movie list or a book list or a list of apps. Maybe an idea is to make a special emoji such as a checkmark and have users check an item. We can then add a feature that allows users to see how many they’ve checked and even show a progress bar.


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That is what I’m looking for.

Do you think this feature will be introduced on the Listly system?
If yes, do you have a plan with a possible release date?
Thanks for your attention.

Yes, we are planning this for a June/July release