CSV Import Not Working

My CSV import function is not working.

To become familiar with how the function works, I downloaded the CSV of one my lists, and then tried to upload it in a new, blank list.

The upload was ‘completed,’ but the contents did not show up on the list.

Tried a dozen or more times in various ways and still no luck.

@malcolm-riddell I believe we received a CSV import error message. It’s in the queue for the team to check. Is the list that you exported from a public list? Can you share the Listly url for it?

Thanks, Timothy!

All lists should be private.

I tried with exported lists from:



@malcolm-riddell the issue in this case is bad CSV export because of HTML you’ve added in your item description/note. We only support Markdown in item description and note HTML. We are working on a patch to strip HTML before exporting this in CSV…

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