Customizing and Embedding Lists on Wordpress (self-hosted)

If you have a self-hosted Wordpress blog, our plugin makes it super simple to embed any Listly list on your blog. The list content is cached on your blog and delivered to the user without any slow down in page load times.

Here’s a quick video walkthrough:

Also see: How to get your customized embed code

This is great. I write a blog that covers 5 to 6 news stories a day. Could I set up a page for Listly to vote on the storiies for the day so I can find the best of the week. Or could I just make each story part of a list daily and make it the post?

I’d recommend #2. Your post would be a Listly that people can vote on. You can customize the embed to blend in with your posts allowing your readers to view your posts in multiple layouts as well (magazine, gallery, list, slideshow)