Date of item versus date of entry


Is there a way to set the date of each item in Listly manually? The date seems to be locked as the date you entered the item, rather than the date the item was created or published. This affects the sort order. If there’s a way to edit dates, that would help.


@drosen are you referring to the order on this list?

Each item has a created date and an last updated date. We only use the created date (and associated timestamp) to sort the items when you choose “Newest”. Do you see something else on your list? Can you mention which items seem out of order?


I wanted my subscribers to be able to sort the list based on the date the actual article was published, rather that the date I added it to my list. Is that possible?


@drosen makes sense. Even though the item might have been created at a specific date and time on Listly, you want the item to show a publshed date that’s different (based on the source)

We will add this feature within the next week.


Hi. Just curious. Was this ever implemented? Thank you.


Hello. Was this ever implemented? Thank you.