Have a pro account - but not seeing the lists we created - Urgently need help


I signed up for a pro Listly account. I created 23 lists. All but 4 of them are private. I used my company’s Twitter handle to authenticate the account and sign in.

Today, upon restart of my computer, I signed in again. The lists were all gone. But I noticed that the url was different.

I had created all my lists using https://list.ly/WeAreCiscoTalentBrand/lists - which is now only showing the 4 lists that aren’t private. It says I have 23 lists, but I can’t see any of them.

When I signed in today using the same Twitter account, the url had changed. https://list.ly/wearecisco/lists. No lists at all here.

I can get back into the WeAreCiscoTalentBrand url using my browser’s history, and it says it’s a pro account. But when I click on my avatar in Listly to see all my lists, it reverts back to the wearecisco url.

I bought pro to help me manage the entries into a contest for my company of 75K people. We tested. It worked. We launched today. It doesn’t work.

Is there any way to jump on a call with someone to fix this?

@wearecisco I will close this thread here since we responded via email