How do I change image on top of my list? 47 days-I still need help-! :-(

Something seems to be wrong. I created a new list and instead of loading the image I uploaded it capture the image from one of the items in my list. I don’t want list item image, I want my uploaded image. How might I change it? Please let me know if anyone has advice. Thank you!

Can you share the list? Also are you trying to share the list on Facebook or Twitter and it’s pulling the sharing image from an item in the list?

Hi Timothy, thank you for getting back to me. No I haven’t shared it yet. You can see the header on For some reason, it’s not pulling the header image I’ve uploaded which is the same as all the rest. Do you have any ideas? I wondered if there is a cache issue or? not sure how this works. I don’t want to share it with the header that its pulling right now. I’ve read through many of the older remarks here and haven’t found a solution yet.