How to add header text using Markdown in item description

I would like to make my headlines larger and tried putting the # in front of my headline, as you suggested.

But all I got was " # + my headline "

Where should I put the # ?


@malcolm-riddell make sure there’s a space between the “#” and the text like this:

It should come out like this:

Thanks, Tim!

But the headline I want to make bigger is the aqua-colored one, '1. Details about Dell… ’

How do I make that one larger?

@malcolm-riddell it’s not possible to change that on If you are embedding the list on your site, you can override it though with local styling

We tried overriding local styling when we embedded, but couldn’t make the ‘green title’ bigger. We were able to make all the other changes we wanted, though.

Could you please guide me through how to override the title styling?

@malcolm-riddell can you share the URL where you have the list embedded? We might be able to offer suggestions

Here you go,

And we built the site using Webflo. Here’s the ‘read only’…

Hi Timothy,

Any update on how make the fonts on the green title larger?

Hi @malcolm-riddell, see this screenshot:

You can see in the browser inspector that we were able to bump up the font-size to 26 for a larger title in your custom css.

What we’d like you to do though is to use the built in feature to customize the embed styling as shown in this article:

We don’t support the title font size currently, but we can easily add support for it. Let us know if this works better for you.

Thanks, Tim!

And, please add support for font size in the custom CSS.

We are aiming for a similar look to Axios.

Since you will be working on this, might as well ask if there is a way to extend the border of the pictures to the edge of the feed, as you see in Axios.

Really appreciate your help!

@malcolm-riddell, we’ve added support for customizing font sizes in the embeds. You can see that in the updated article here:

Regarding full widths for image in magazine layout, we are exploring how we can make it happen…

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