How To Automate Web Scraping Using ChatGPT?

Read this blog to learn how to automate web scraping using ChatGPT for IMDb movies.Web Scraping is the method of collecting data using an automated script. Whereas, ChatGPT is a robust language model developed by OpenAI. It can quickly generate code for web scraping. In this blog, we will understand how ChatGPT is used to automate web scraping.
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To scrape websites with Chat GPT Code Interpreter, we need to upload an HTML file of the target website.

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For the collection of movie data, you can use web scraping of chatbot by using an automated script provided by ChatGPT.

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I also want to know the scrapping method, which tool is more better, what prompts we use to scrap data related to image skincare using chat gpt.

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i lso wnt to know how can i scrap data for luxury villa rentals

i also use chat gpt for ica visa status web content scraper its really helpfull.

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please share the web scrapping tools and ways for Ecommerce websites Product lisitng pages with detailed description along with image and price