How to remove image alt tag

Recently I realized that many of my posts with embeds dropped in SERP. I analyzed these posts, and I found that the keyword density is too high because the images contain the original title of the list. I’d like to know how can I remove or modify the alt tags of the images.

Thank you.

Why do you think that might be the cause of the issue? We’d be happy to change this if you can share your analysis.

I tested the pages with the keyword density checker tool here:

And I got these results for my post As you see the medicine ball, medicine ball workouts keyword density is high.

The high keyword density is the result of that the title of the original list that was added to each of the list items image_alt. And if you have a lot of list items that increases the keyword density to high. Even if they are just alt-tags I believe they still count for SEO.

Check the other image here (I can only post one image because I’m new to this forum):

So, the best would be if the title of the list wasn’t there. This way, we can avoid that problem. I love and as you can see my lists have good views, but more SEO tweaking possibilities would be good.

What do you think?

Tweaking SEO is very important to us as well and we are open to ideas from the community. Anything SEO related will go to the top of our product roadmap immediately. We are looking into this right away. Will give an update early next week.

OK. Thank you. If I have more ideas, I’ll share with you.

We’ve updated the code to build the image alt tag with just the name of the item and not the list title. Hope this helps. We are also monitoring the changes to see how it affects SEO