How to Reorder List

I would like to rearrange the articles on the list in a certain order, with my top articles on top. I can’t seem to figure out how to reorder them. Thanks for the help.

This how to should help:

will this work only for new lists? i tried doing it on the old lists and i don’t see the drag and drop boxes.

It should work on all lists that you own (or have edit privileges for). Can you share the list you are trying this with so we can take a look?

here are some of the lists . i have edit privileges in all lists.

One more quick question as we look at this. What browser/OS are you using?

sure, it’s Chrome / iOS

Can you try this on a desktop browser while we investigate the issue with the mobile browser?

i’m using a desktop browser, Mac OS.
Still can’t reorder them.

ok, we’ve been able to detect an issue when reordering does not work within embeds. We are working on a fix. Meanwhile, if you visit the list on, you should be able to reorder there. Can you please confirm that you are able to reorder on Listly?

For example, here:

Hi, I am reordering from the Listly platform only and I am not able to reorder there.

ok, I am sure we are missing something trivial here. I am able to reorder items in your list on Mac with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Are you available on Skype so you can share your screen and I can look at what’s going on? You can simply add me on Skype as “shyamsubramanyan”. Appreciate the help!

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ahh so i need to click on that Curate tab first? i didn’t notice that. i assumed that after clicking curate on the settings i’d be able to reorder the articles immediately. lesson learned on usability.

Yes, lesson learned for us as well. We’ve updated the docs, but will also look at making this better UX wise.