I can't add an image to my list

I am trying to add a headline image to my list but it won’t let me. I have resized it many times. This is the list I am trying to add a header image to. http://list.ly/list/Blt-great-way-to-get-targeted-free-traffic

Can you tell us if the upload fails or after the upload the image fails to appear? What browser do you use? Also, can you place your image somewhere and send us a link?

I am using Google chrome as my browser. The upload fails. It turns gray and then it doesn’t do anything. I tried to upload it here but it says I can’t because I am a new user. So, I had to go to Photobucket to get a link here it is http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h125/Mimosatree/resized%20bigger_zps4sktwpmh.png

There seems to be a space in the filename that you are trying to upload. I think this might be tripping the uploader. Can you rename the file to be without space and try?

I believe this can be fixed on our end (by supporting spaces in the file name), but this would be a quick work around.

I renamed it here is the link http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h125/Mimosatree/traffic_zpsmvque2wg.png

Can you retry uploading the renamed image from your local drive? Make sure the local image on your drive does not have any spaces in its name.

I tried to upload it but it’s still not uploading. When I renamed it I only gave it one name and no spaces are in it.

We uploaded that image for you to your list. Maybe there’s something else going on. Can you share your browser version and OS? Are you also having trouble uploading images to items?

Thanks! I am using Chrome 45 and windows 7. I have had no problems uploading images anywhere else.

Hey you can directly upload and on the other hand you can resize your image from any online application such as https://jpegcompressor.com/ that resize images supporting with different format and then upload.