I don't think I am using Listly the way I should please advise

I have been developing as an on-line marketer for about 8 months, on and off, like many others between my day job and life commitments. I stumbled upon Listly and thought it looked like a neat way to present the information I have to share.

I had set up quite a reasonable website, and I added in Listly. I have kept one list as the items I post are all about the one topic English Fluency. I have published a number of items that will help people to attain their personal goals concerning English fluency.

I have recently visited my site [I do this frequently of course to check that everything is in order] and on my last visit I find that my list of some 16 items is displaying only one of my posts. The last time I looked all of my articles were available to readers to be scrolled down and this is how I wanted it.

I presently have one list with 16 or so articles. I know Listly is sharing my site through its networks =, and this is a great help. My questions are:
How do I display all my articles so visitors can scroll down and read what they like?
Can I include an INDEX so that visitors can click on a topic that they wish to read about?
Am I using Listly correctly? Have I missed something?

I know that I can publish two more lists without going Premium. I will be going Premium in the near future. I am open to any advice.

My site is www.learningbecomesyou.com please drop in and have a look and let me know what you think.

Steve Kay