Import from Storify

Storify is ending service in May 2018. Wakelet has a feature to import Storify directly. Is it possible to consider a similar import feature. Storify doesn’t support CSV export so this method isn’t viable.


@rachel-hinton, we will look into this…can you share a sample page on Storify that you would like to import?

Dear Tim,

Sorry! Haven’t been well and missed the note at the bottom of email notification of your post. Replied to a no-reply address! Duh!

All my stories are public: My Storify Page
(Note: They had me update the bio to prove it was my account.)

I want to import all of them. Which begs the question regarding the first 3 premium lists. If you can only get one free list every week, are those just regular lists? If you do an import and that list does contain video, what happens to the video?

I’m a college professor at a community college who doesn’t have the resources to pay for subscriptions. Like most schools, we have a budget crunch which makes it hard for our department to pay for these subscriptions also.

Sorry to ask you all these questions, but I’m hoping you’ll have the time to answer them for me.


@rachel-hinton, we will look to see if we can build a quick import tool for storify. I’ll post here soon

Regular lists (non premium) will still play media. With a free account, your lists can’t have affiliate links. We also reserve the right to show ads in your list. You can see what else you get in a Pro account:

Providing a service like Listly costs money. If we don’t charge for Listly, we’d be closing down soon and you’d be looking for another service to import your content to :slight_smile:

Hi @rachel-hinton we have a new Storify import feature. You can try it out here:

Based on your previous note, I would like to mention that we do have a 30% off for educators for the Pro account. After you try out the import, if you’d like a coupon for educator discount, please email

I’ve imported two lists. They came over fine, but I realized I had an error in the Email Etiquette story. I’d like to delete the current list and import it again. I didn’t see a way to do this. Or should I just delete the existing import and import it again?

I know that I can add the missing item, but I want it to be identified as curated first. Listly doesn’t allow you to change the curation order. Did I miss something or can I decide the order I want items in? Both Storify and Wakelet allow you to decide the order.

Thanks for the tip about the coupon. If I can do some of the things above, I may consider requesting the coupon and upgrading my account.

@rachel-hinton please see this howto on the site for curating item order in a list:

There are two steps to it:

  1. Setting the default order for the list and
  2. curating the items in the order you want

You can simply delete the list you imported and try importing again, but you might run out of free list limit on the site. I’d be happy to reset it for you if that happens.

Thanks for the “heads up!” I will try that at some point when I need to do it.

I deleted the list and re-imported it and it came in fine! Thanks for developing this so quickly. I’ve been known to break systems in 20 minutes (an early incarnation of MyITLab) so it was great that this worked.

So far I haven’t had a problem with the free list limit. I am happy to work within the guidelines specified by your company. I’ve only imported two lists and will probably do a third so I can play with the premium lists. I guess I could import the others even if they aren’t premium. It would give me a chance to compare the two.

I have been playing a little (not a lot of free time at this point in the semester) with the features and I do see the value of your product. I’m definitely considering your educational coupon offer.

@rachel-hinton thanks for the feedback. Glad Storify import worked for you.