Labs Feature: Download your list as CSV

This is still a Labs feature and will work its way into the UI soon. Meanwhile you can export your premium lists by adding a “.csv” to the end of the list URL:


Regular list URL:

Download CSV for the same list:

Remember that the second URL will only work if you are the owner of the list and it is a premium list. So try this on your own premium lists.

Note: If you are a Pro user, all your lists are premium, otherwise your first three lists are premium.

Comments or feedback? Just reply and let us know.

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hi - where do I enter the url that has the .csv on the end, to allow me to download? Thanks!

You can add the .csv to the browser URL while viewing your list in the browser (and hit enter).

There’s an update coming up Friday that will make the CSV file available via a menu. If you’d like to wait for that, I will update this thread when that’s released.