List not loading on smartphones running Chrome browsers


Hi support!

can you please, help me understand whty the list is not showing on mobile devices running Chrome?

I have embedded the list on the following page but it loads on desktop, smartphones running firefox and safari, but on mobile phones running Chrome shows the message “View List on”

This is the url:

It used to work for a long time on all devices.



It looks like it breaks on Chrome on Android. It works on Chrome on iOS. We are investigating…


Narciso, If you change the chrome browser setting to request desktop site, it load the list fine. It seems that your server is serving different pages for desktop and mobile - did you add any WordPress plugins that converts a page for mobile use? It might be that a page was generated and cached for mobile and is missing the Listly content.

Do you have other Listly lists on other pages on your site? Do they work?



thanks for your reply.

if I request the desktop site it works.

I have not added any new plugin to this site for a while.

I will investigate on my side and reply back to you.



hi again!

after some tests, I cleared the cache of the Listly plugin for Wordpress which seems to fix the issue.

thanks for your support and congrats for Listly, it is great!

Cheers from Brazil!


Thanks Narciso, it looks like it was bad cache data. It happens sometimes. Maybe we can improve the plugin by clearing the cache once a day - so things like this can be caught without too much delay.