List not showing in Tackk (embedly)


I used to see the lists very neatly in Tack, but bot anymore. Has anything changed in terms of embedding them into other sites? Tackk uses embedly.


Hi @AnyaJones can you please share a URL so we can see the issue?


This is one of them, but I have many and the issue is with all of them.

The listly list is inserted at least once at the top, but cannot see it. It used to be that it was very nicely displayed, but not anymore.

Thank you.


Thanks for the URL. It looks like there are errors on that page (via developer console). Can you please open a ticket with Tackk also? Together we might be able to figure out why this error happens only when you embed Listly on Tackk.


Yes, I will. Thank you!


Tackk has not responded. I’d like to use other platforms where I can properly embed the Listly lists. Do you have a list of sites where I can easily embed the lists, besided wordpress? Thank you!