Listly iPhone App - Looking for Beta Testers

If you are interested, please email We are looking for 25 beta testers for week 1. We will add another 25 more for week 2.

Tagging some of our users, who were interested before - @carlton-smith @SusanKayDaniels @TeachThought @edublogs @moakdesigns @organichat @IndieFolkyMe @planetMitch

Sorry, I don’t use iphone. I use Samsung Android and Kindle Fire. Thank you for asking though :slight_smile:


I noticed you were talking about the iphone app a few months ago, but cant find it…is it coming out on the store soon? Really interested in using it, as my wife and i are playing around with sharing lists using



@perry-wald we are waiting for the approval for the third time in the last two months. Hopefully this will be approved this time. Will post an update later this week.