Listly Sidebar functionality and Optimization


I have listly in my homepage of my site. Let me start out by saying I LOVE Listly it’s a great idea and I see widespread continued growth in list making.

I have had some issues though more recently using Listly.

  1. I have on my homepage a listly sidebar. My issue is if a visitor likes the list or an item on the list they ARE NOT able to click into it to learn more or see the entire list. It’s just a static sidebar. How can this be fixed?

  2. I’ve ran some SEO optimization tests and they all have returned results showing listly as the reason for slow loading. What can I do to optimize my listly?


@FAHUB Replied to your email to support as well. We cannot see the Listly sidebar on your website home page. Have you disabled it? Is the sidebar using the Listly plugin feature?

Regarding SEO, when you use the WP plugin the content is cached on your WordPress and Listly servers don’t get involved in delivery of the page to the browser. Once the page loads in the browser, our javascript loads and makes Listly active. This should not affect page load times. Can you share what you see in your SEO optimization tests?