Lists Are Fun, Awesome & Your Friends Will Like You For it

Lists are fun…and at Listly we think lists should be social too. If you agree, give this article a thumbs up!

We love a silly list just as much, if not more, than a serious one. Lists are Emotional. Binary. Segmenting.

People want to contribute to a list. They want to share. They want to rank. That’s exactly what Listly enables. So make it a party. Keep it fun and useful. It’s not so much competitive as collaborative.

How to name your list

  • Add a number to the name of the list. We all love numbered lists.

  • Add a superlative - top/best/worst (a superlative adjective or adverb)

  • Include descriptive words that gives the reader a quick overview of the list content. Don’t make them think. Make them intrigued.

A great example of a list name is 16 Great Reasons To Create Your Own Blog

How to setup list for contribution

  • Give people space. Leave gaps in your list, so they can step in and help.

  • Share your list on all of your social presence

  • Ask for what you want from your audience (contributions, ranking, sharing).

A great way to invite people to contribute is to tweet asking for help. Here’s a good example.

Today's entry in my @listly list of redundant phrases: "very true" via @ChemXlator. Got 1 to add?

— MarciaRieferJohnston (@MarciaRJohnston) December 5, 2014

You are creating a community each time you begin a new list, so think about how people will find your party, and think why will they want to join. Be intriguing and don’t be shy to ask for help.