Lists Not Presenting Well On Facebook/Twitter/Google+

Is there a way to associate a better Open Graph image and Twitter image with a list?

This video explains what I mean.

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@elizabethjamieson thanks for the nice video. Yes, the crop you are getting is not the best, but Facebook typically does a smart crop to show relevant part of the headline. In this case it looks like their algorithm does not work that well.

Yes, we will definitely consider implementing an advanced, optional feature to upload a specific image at 1.91x1 aspect ratio specifically for Open Graph and Twitter Cards

I will talk to the team and give you an update.

Again, thanks for helping us improve Listly

@elizabethjamieson we made a quick feature addition by allowing you to upload a more appropriate image for use on social media (476x249px)

After you make a list, edit the list and you should see a fourth tab called images. You can upload an image and crop it to the right size.

We are thinking about how to make this tab more useful such as creating this image by stitching together a collage of item images etc.

Ideas welcome…


That addition is FABULOUS. Personally I don’t need it to be anything more than you have done. It works exactly as I’d like now. It means I and other users can create the right image for the main social media venues and not have to hope that an automatic method will get it right. Thanks very much for doing this.

As you point out FB is quite good at cropping out the best part of an image but only if the image contains a face or some very recognisable focal point. In mine there will always be text and it cannot handle that automatically, hence the need for what you have done.