Many problems with my Listly account ... S.O.S

Been sending this to support… crickets… If anyone can help I’d greatly appreciate it. My decision to use as my content management system is blowing up in my face right now…

I am in my account @brianfirth

trying to embed this list

and nothing happens when I click embed list. Have disabled pop ups?

please help! I just go to my lists. click on the list and click embed…?

This just gets more and more crazy.

Finally got the list to embed… then it winds up showing up like this?

That doesn’t look anything like my list? It looks like an old post I made about the fort lauderdale boat show??

Please help, these problems with are putting a crazy amount of pressure on me … I was really counting on it to work and now I’m down to the wire. Could really ruin the show for me and cost me a lot of money

3rd major flaw I’ve found in this morning… tried to reorder a list and just got spinning wheels, no update, no save button?..

Not as pressing as my first 2 issues but obviously another concern… Please help!

Sent a reply to your support email as well. We see the same list on both the links as it should be. Did you (or do you) see a different list? Can you share screenshots that show what you see? Can you try looking at both the links form a different computer just to make sure that there’s no weird caching behavior specific to your browser?