Move / Copy Item function


I no longer see the option to move or copy an item in an existing list to another list. I have a Pro account, and need to be able to do this ASAP. Please advise. Am I missing something?

UPDATE: The only way I can figure out how to do this (my lists are in Gallery format), is to go to Listly website - customize listly embed - change to List format - embed - relist. If I ‘Move’ the item, it moves to the new list without the image thumbnail. If I ‘Copy,’ it works, then I have to go to the original list and delete the item.

And each time I Move / Copy an item, I get bumped out of the embed mode, and have to click ‘embed’ again, and then navigate to the right page to repeat the process.

There used to be a relist option for the list owner in Gallery format, without turning it on for others.


Here’s a screenshot of the item (first one in grid) after using the Move option.