Move / Copy Item function


I no longer see the option to move or copy an item in an existing list to another list. I have a Pro account, and need to be able to do this ASAP. Please advise. Am I missing something?

UPDATE: The only way I can figure out how to do this (my lists are in Gallery format), is to go to Listly website - customize listly embed - change to List format - embed - relist. If I ‘Move’ the item, it moves to the new list without the image thumbnail. If I ‘Copy,’ it works, then I have to go to the original list and delete the item.

And each time I Move / Copy an item, I get bumped out of the embed mode, and have to click ‘embed’ again, and then navigate to the right page to repeat the process.

There used to be a relist option for the list owner in Gallery format, without turning it on for others.

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Here’s a screenshot of the item (first one in grid) after using the Move option.

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@willow-and-thatch the missing image issue has been fixed.

Regarding the workflow for relisting, you are correct, the relist option does not appear in gallery mode since the real estate in the footer. We are considering moving it to the dropdown menu. Meanwhile, here are couple of workarounds:

  1. Go to your list on Listly site (not the embed on your site)
  2. In the dropdown that shows the format, switch from Gallery to List


  1. access the relist function

This way, you are just switching the format temporarily to access the relist functionality

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