My work flow supported?


I see the plugin has not been updated on WordPress and a few support questions not answered there. Should I invest time in trying this tool?

My issue. I get all my feeds into Feedly. I scan through, read those who may interest me. I then push them to mobile Pocket App to keep for duration.

Instead of pulling all my feeds into your app is there a way to use my pre check mobile curation before I pull it into WordPress.

I am not sure if you are familiar with the newsletter tool Twitter bought. It’s called Revue. They link to a sidebar, in the compose window, to various feeds including rss, Instagram, and Pocket for example. You can then compile your post (email in their case) etc using these curation input by dragging and dropping a topic in the composer.

I was thinking of composing my post in Revue and repost it in wordpress but hoped their is an in wordpress solution.

Regards Johan