'Next Page' with individual page numbers


How do I change my ‘Next Page’ function from (my China list)


to individual numbers like on the Listly list


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Hi Tim…any thoughts on how to do this? Thanks!


@malcolm-riddell there’s currently no way to do this assuming this type of pagination. Assuming these are page numbers (in your mockup), Listly lists are not meant to go into thousands of items each - there might be performance issues that we are not unaware of yet…


Thanks, Tim…I understand.

The example I gave (not a mockup) was the the Listly page that has 89 pages of lists (not posts) https://list.ly/listly.

So I was just wondering if that also could be done for pages of posts. In that way, a reader can go to a specific page and of course go to the end more quickly.

If we don’t run into any big performance issues with a large number of posts, then Listly would be great for news curators.

I’ve looked at lots of platforms and Listly is the best.

Could be a new market for your terrific platform. One that would command a much higher monthly subscription.