Not showing lists with enough rank

When I do a search on a topic and I find some lists.
Then I click on one and find out that it has no items in the list.
So if the rank is < 20, then the list should not show up in any search result.

Perhaps lists with rank < 20 can be considered private lists and > 20 be public lists.

We’ve thought about this long and hard. We don’t show lists with rank < 20 in trending and recommended, but we show them in search. The reason is that Listly is collaborative and we’d like users to find lists that are not ranked well and contribute to it. i.e. help make that list better.

Thoughts? Would be happy to rethink this with further discussion.

I suppose you have a valid point but I will counter that by saying that I dont want to see empty lists at all. Let there be at least 3 items in a list for them to show up in a search. If somebody was so lazy that they didnt even add 1 item to the list, why would I want to contribute to it?

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Ok, that makes sense. As a contributor, you expect the owner to have put a good faith effort into a starter list…

you mean list rank must be grater than 20 or less than 20