Pdf saving and relisting problem


When I save a pdf to a list, I now get a big white L above the pdf…

I can get rid of it by going to edit and then saving. But this just started happening a few weeks ago.

In the same vein, when I relist a pdf, I get a bit white ? above the pdf…

Like the L problem, I can get rid of it by the edit/save process.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


We are trying to recreate this issue. As you noticed, it looks like Listly is trying to find an image for the item - for PDFs we should probably not try that. I will discuss this with the team.


@timothywander Thanks, Tim!

To the best of my recollection, this started a month or two ago.


@malcolm-riddell how do you add the PDF to the list? We are unable to recreate the situation where you get the large Listly logo. We are however able to recreate the second issue (relist)


@timothywander Generally I use the Listly applet to add pdfs.

If I ‘edit’ the post, the white “L” or the “?” goes away.

But if I relist, then they appear again.


@malcolm-riddell this bug has been fixed. Although we were not able to recreate the issue where the logo appears when you add, we were able to reproduce and fix the scenario when you relist.


@timothywander Thank you, Tim!