Please update the API for video's from Vimeo

Hi all,
Since a few months videos from Vimeo can no longer be added properly to a list. There is no preview and no clickable link.
I have asked Vimeo and they say it is because is referring to the old API. Would you please update this to the new REST Api ( or the oEmbed ( I hope this makes sense. I am not a developer - that is what Vimeo says :slight_smile:

Thank you for a speedy update, as I would like to add some new videos!

Best regards,
Ellen van Aken

You can see an example of the issue in the top of my list:

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Thanks for reporting this. We are working on fixing this.

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Hi Timothy, would you please have an update as to the resolution?

Thank you, best regards,

@EllenvanAken-SP we made som updates to how we pull data from various websites including Vimeo. Please check and let us know if it’s working for you again.

Hi Tim, unfortunately it does not. It still does not show the video image, but just an unclickable URL of the video.
Thanks for your help,
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@EllenvanAken-SP can you please share the Vimeo url that you are trying to add?

@EllenvanAken-SP checking your list, I noticed that this Vimeo URL does not exist anymore on Vimeo itself: You can try a working URL and let us know