Possibly a new type of list - Reviewing local restaurants, cafes and tea rooms and interviewing the Owners and Customers

Let me outline what I should like to do, initially in my home town og Gosport, Hampshire.

I plan to go into local Cafes, Tea Rooms and Restaurants and to record my review of each place, as well as interviewing its Owner and, perhaps, obtaining the comments and recommendations of one or two customers. In this way, I would create an interesting, amusing and, hopefully, a valuable audio piece, likely to be of the interest and benefit of others

Each visited and reviewed Establishment would be offered the means of attracting new Customers, by offering, via the recorded interview, an introductory discount.

If the idea proves to be popular, I should intend to offer the same service to other parts of the UK.

Is this the kind of initiative, that would be acceptable to List-Ly?

Regards - Graham Freer

Absolutely. We’d love this. I think what you are looking at is the release of our mobile app in the next few weeks:

You’d be able to make a list on the go of places and allow others to add comments and such. The App might not be all the things you want to do on day one, but the general direction we are taking the app is to encourage things that you mention.

Thanks for your kind encouragement. My plan is that I should charge the individual cafes etc a small amount for their establishment to be featured on a List-ly page, in this way (For example, there would be 1 page for, say, Establishments in Gosport, another for Fareham, Southampton etc etc). In time (and this can only be a dream), there could be many hundreds of such pages. Please will you confirm that you’d have no objection to my doing this?


Graham, we are fine with this and would like to see it as an experiment working with you, but we need to handle this such that these establishments don’t see this as “pay to be on Listly”. Let’s continue this conversation via email and maybe a Skype conversation? You can email me shyam @ list.ly.

Hi. Thanks for your response. Obviously, I understand that List.ly should not be regarded as a paid-for service.

My suggestion, therefore, is that I should generate income from, say, offering my interview service as a stand-alone service and including the establishments on a relevant list.ly page, almost as an unconnected consequence.

Of course, I need to cover my monthly payment to List.ly and, therefore, need to reduce the nett income, from supplementary services.

I’m sure it can be done and I await your thoughts.


I think that’s perfect. You can add a disclaimer on your lists on Listly also so it’s clear. We can work with you on this and help with any features you might need to make this a success.