Premium list was suddenly downgraded

Hi there,

I have been updating one list everyday for a couple years now, and until very recently it was a premium list because “your first three lists are premium for free.” Now my list has suddenly been downgraded without anyone informing me, so I can no longer download the CSV and I can no longer add more than 10 items per day. Did Listly’s policy/protocol about free accounts change recently? Is there a way for me to get my premium list back, since it still says on the Lists landing page: “Did you know that your first three lists are premium for free?”

Thanks very much,

Hi @Taryn this must be a mistake. There’s no policy change, at least for now. Let me see if this is a side effect of something else that we changed.

Thank you for checking! I really appreciate it.


same happened to my list:

Please, take a look.


@nsojunior This should be fixed now.

I confirm it is fixed.