Pro lists for free are disabled?

Earlier, I have got a notification, that first 3 lists are Pro for free. Today, when I have tried to add the next post into an existing list, the system rejected it and another notification appeared stating that characters are now limited to 512 and suggesting going Pro. Is it a glitch or things have been changed, because i had to split it into 3 and cut the text in each leaving 10% of the content only? Here it is:

Ok, although pity, but have to turn to another platform after getting my lists up and forth all the time, as there is no explanation, nor fix to an issue…

@Free1Man yes, we are slowly changing how we do free lists. We get a lot of spam lists that consume a lot of resources. These spam lists typically include a lot of text and links and affect the performance of the site as a whole. Hence we decided to cut down the size of text for each items.

Further more, we have a lot of paid subscribers and their experience is affected by all the spam. We are prioritizing paid subscribers moving forward.

The goal of free lists would be to allow people to try out Listly. If Listly is useful, we suggest going Pro. This will help us continue to improve our platform.

Ok, thank you for the explanation, although not any easy from it.