Relist "move" not working correctly


Often when I use relist to move an item from one list to another, the item is coped rather than moved.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


@malcolm-riddell, are choosing “Move” vs “Copy” when you re-list the item? There should be a switch at the bottom. Depending on what you choose, it will move or copy the item.


@timothywander I use that function. But when I ‘move’ a post, it often is just copied, leaving me with posts in two places.


@malcolm-riddell we are trying to reproduce this issue. Is it possible for you to point us to an exact item in a list of yours that you tried to move?


@timothywander I made a new list, ‘Test 1.’

I added two types of posts: pdf and an article.

I used the ‘relist’ function, set to ‘move’ to move each post to another new list ‘Test 2.’

As you will see, the posts copied but didn’t move - the posts are still on Test 1.

Let me know what you think…thanks!

NOTE THE PDFs: in reference to my other problem, when the pdfs were added, they had a big white L on a black background.


@malcolm-riddell this bug has been fixed!


@timothywander Thanks, Tim!