Reordering Lists in Twitter Client using

Does allow us to re-order lists in our Twitter client?

This article describes a feature of which would lead me to believe it’s possible. But


Twitter List Management

To get started, jump over to and start a new list. Put in whatever Title you wish, and then select Twitter List from the drop-down list. If you’ve connected your Twitter account to, it will automatically populate any of your existing lists that you can use to start your new list, or you can start a new one.

It’s the following part of the above instructions that I can’t complete:- I don’t see an option for a drop down.

and then select Twitter List from the drop-down list.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thank you!

Twitter Lists are only available to Pro users. There are quite a few limitations with Twitter’s API and we are unable to support it for all users.

Thanks Shayam. I have signed up to Pro version. How do I do what I wanted to? I can see the Twitter drop down list with my lists populated. But how do I now reorder these?

I misunderstood your original question. The Twitter list you maintain via Listly has ordering on the Listly UI (alpha, crowdrank, curated, etc). Your Listly list is what you’d maintain and share with others. Twitter does not allow us (via an API) to control or affect ordering of Twitter Lists on their site. We’d be happy to refund your Pro if that was your primary need.

Yes it was. Please refund it. Thanks