Select Multiple Lists

Hi. I had previously posted about having a centralized search and I think I might have a simpler work-around with additional benefits. How difficult would it be to be able to select multiple lists to add a new post to at the same time? What I mean is, for instance, when you are adding through the browser plugin, instead of having to select a single list you could check the box next to multiple lists? This would allow users to always add to a central list as well as the select topic list as well.

Not sure if this is clear but let me know. It would be a huge benefit for me.

@jalexandernh-1 it’s easy to implement what you are asking for, but it will make multiple copies of the item you add - this means that any changes to the item in the future has to happen in multiple places. Would that not be an issue with maintenance for you?

I would be fine with this. 99.9% of the time I would leave items the same anyway. If implemented, could this functionality also apply to existing list items? By this I mean could I go to edit an existing list item and select additional lists to publish on? This would be a pretty fantastic feature as it would allow users to curate content from their own lists with minimal clicks.