Selecting Optimal Images for Your List Items

Images are important to create visually appealing lists. We recommend a minimum of 600px wide and 400px tall image so that your item can look great in ALL layouts.

To change an image for an item after you added it to the list, find the item pull down at the top right of the item. Note that you will see this only when you have edit privileges for that item. You have to be an owner of the list or you should have been the contributor for the list to have edit privileges

Locate the dropdown at the top right of the item

Select “Edit Item” from the pull down

Now you can edit the item details, including changing the image

You have three options:

  1. Completely remove the image (an item does not need an image)
  2. Paste a link to an image on the web. We will grab it and upload it on your behalf
  3. Upload an image from your computer. After you pick an image, we will upload and use it for the image

Confirm that you have a good resolution image before saving. Here the uploaded image is just 370x206px, which is not optimal across all layouts, so we upload one that’s going to look good across all layouts…

And don’t forget to hit save button to save your newly uploaded image :smile: