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Hello. Is there any way of embedding a search box separately from the embedded list? I’m currently using Listly with Wordpress and have a number of lists of content. However one of my lists includes all content from every list. I’d love a way to embed a search box in the header for that particular list. Is this possible?

so is the idea that a search box exists to find one of your lists? And will the results point to various blog posts that have matching lists?

Thanks for your reply. Yes. I am setting up a travel site that aggregates content and displays it in categories via listly. A couple of examples would be, for instance, “Travel to Europe” or “Travel to Asia”. However, every time I add an article to any of those category lists, I also add it to a master list. I display the master list via a slide show on the home page and the search box creates awkward spacing. What I’d like to do is have a search box that I can embed in the header, which would correspond directly to a single list, and hopefully have the results show up in a separate page where I have the full gallery list embedded already. Something like that. Did that make sense?

Separately, it would also be great to incorporate tags in a similar way. For instance, if, alongside the slideshow on the home page, I could have a listing of most popular tags which would link people to a similar page where the full gallery version of that list existed.

Not sure if this is an easy solution or if I’m shooting for the moon but I’ll look forward to your thoughts.

Can you share your site so we can review this in our product discussion tomorrow?

Hi. The site I’m working on is TRAVEL’R ( but it isn’t nearly completed. This might make things a little more clear. I am curating travel content based on a number of categories. Those categories would be, for example:

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Backpacking
  • etc. etc etc

However, I will also be adding every single article to a separate section which will also be displayed on the site. So, the idea would be for people to either be able to sort categories from the menu or they could use this search box from the header which would direct them to the results displayed in the “all articles” page. The end result would be very similar to they way they could use the current search box but it would just be a little cleaner. Does that make sense?

Did anything ever come of this feature? We’re relaunching into a network that includes content hubs, and I’ve been curating on to then embed in different ways onto the site(s). But the key to everything is that it is very highly category based, and while I can create one or more categories in my wordpress post or pages, I do not know that I can create any categories or search by categories or integrate the keywords that I use at the bottom of each entry into my wordpress.

Thanks! I really love! I think it’s a great content curation tool.

@jalexandernh_1 @GailZahtz

Trying to get this scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

It seems to me that Jason’s use of a “index” list to link to all lists is not required if there was a Listly widget that is a simple search box that you can place anywhere on your WordPress site. When user types in any keyword, there would be autocomplete that shows title for all lists published using Listly (this autocomplete would look at list title and tags for results). The user can then choose a single list from the drop down and proceed to the appropriate WordPress page that has the list embedded.

Is the above a valid summary?

Is there a need for a search results page when the user hits enter key?

Would you place this widget inside a post, header, or sidebar?

Please discuss so we can get a good product definition for this List Search Widget.

Hi. This would be a step in the right direction but not necessarily a solution to what I had proposed. I’ll try to explain a little better (since I’m not always so clear :slight_smile: )

I would be using listly to break out different lists for various topics. In my site’s case, there would be different regions that people could go hiking. I’d have a list of articles for eastern US or Central America or France or whatever. Currently the lists are searchable from each page which works great. What I’d love to have is a master search that someone could utilize from the home page or in the header which would search for content from all lists at the same time. In the event I had hundreds of pages, each of which with a listly list, and a visitor didn’t care about the region but just wanted to keyword search on, for instance, “geocaching”, they could search from the main page and have a universal results page come up.

Your solution gets them closer to the search but they would need to do two different searches. In this instance, what if Geocaching showed up in 15 different lists. The would have to search from the home page and then conduct 15 different searches.

Not being an expert technologist, I’m not sure how this would best work but I bet that there could be a mechanism that does the following:

Every time an item is added to any of my listly lists, it is also copied to a master directory which is cached somewhere locally. Perhaps there could be a separate widget that would be placed on a “Listly Master Results” page on my website that, once a search is conducted, it directs them to that page and displays results similarly to the way they are currently displayed in existing lists.

I think the listly service works great and the above would only add to the user experience. The only other way I can really do this is to create separate posts on my site for each article I want to display which adds more moving parts than I would like.

Make sense?


Dear Shyam:

While the feature you discussed would be nice, I’m also looking for what I believe JA is trying to say.

I would like to enter my own categories that are from my network/site(s) like I do to any post or page to every page/ item of a list in (so each one has categories not only the list, though the list categorized in entirety would be a good first step, it’s not my end hopeful goal), that are in sync with the categories that I have listed throughout my network.

Then individual items (I’m not sure if you call them entries or posts- each time I “add an item” to would show up in unique category posts and increase the amount that my is both of value to users, shows up in search internally and externally, can is relevant to the unique areas of which (in my case a large site with a lot of information creating personalized content driven user experiences with different user groups) would be able to easily find the information that I have spent so much time curating.

With this, also probably would go hand in hand, would be that individual items within lists could show as unique pages. To the front end user they do if I set it up in say slideshow view, but this way the pages would each be a unique post/page. That may be a different function, but I suspect it would be tied together with the ability to search by categories I enter internally (of course would be great if I could enter those categories in my tags in, but I’m trying to not ask for too much work.

I think that this would move from lists only to a more complete content curation system. I have done a lot of research on curation systems, and I know there are a lot of features. I personally really enjoy using and would love to see it grow to the level of some of the others that are more widely used at premium.

Thank you for all of your hard work!!


Thanks @GailZahtz and @jalexandernh-1 for the explanation. I will respond in couple of days with some visual design for this.

Meanwhile do either of you have an iPhone? Would you like access to prerelease on Listly app?

I have an iPhone and would be happy to test anything you’re working on it and give feedback.

I also am not sure where you were collecting feedback on the sidebar functionality with the widget as I love the idea, but there are a few funks that I have found are pretty regular (the chrome extension or however I press the L on the top and can add the page to a list- love the concept and use it, but it has some consistent some bugs.

Thanks @shyamster happy to help in anyway with development testing and feedback, I’ve been using it seems a long time now.

All the best!

I am late in responding here but I don’t use the iPhone. Would be happy to test when/if it comes live on Android.


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